December 12, 2008


As we were talking about game content creation and which old maps would be a nice remake in Paris we stumbled across good old Transfusion and it's Blood spirit. Back in those days we enjoyed deathmatch in a tower map. OA already has it's CTF bases maps which are inspired by Blood so why missing this one?

Astro had his own idea of it so I didn't go with any of his suggestions. A first unnoticed beta release was done in November. The maps structure and gameplay was too plain. I fear I was not creative enough to use all possibilities the layout gave me.

For next release a lot of changes go into this one:
  • chaingun added, 1 railgun removed
  • trims, ledges, lots of foilage and details
  • possible to reach every level of the tower from the inside
  • a ladder and glowing orbs
  • 2nd rocket launcher, personal teleporter
  • creating lots of new textures
Bots do fine 'cept finding their way out of the void. Map is damn cool in Elimination gametype (8).

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