March 31, 2009

Work in progress

HUNT OA Server is up and running again. I cannot promise it will 24/7 but I am glad to have it working. Highscores will be tracked and put online every few days. I see quiet a lot people connecting and disconnecting seconds afterwards. Seems not everybody is able to get it running or just didn't enable auto download?

Improvements of maps are on the way. The biggest overhaul will be on ctf_inyard where I hope to release a version 3 beta soon. To have a more interesting and less straight map I want it to be more arena like which means that there will be no fog of death anymore. The centre of the map is becoming a big yard with a 90° turn in it. The pillars in every base will be moved aside so freedom of movement is gained. A serious change in weapon placement is on my list too.

Other changes and bugfixes will be on ctf_compromise (no hidden passage through the void anymore) and the clipping problem in ctf_gate1. Thanks to the people reporting this.

I hope to get a good teleportermodel done for these maps.