September 25, 2009

ctf_compromise V2 Beta 4 release

Time for next release. A part of a new teleporter model is included. The screenshot is all about it.
An improved gameplay of ctf_gate1 is in this pk3 as well. Shader is partly taken from pulchr.


  • replace teleporter model
  • add new teleporter model
  • make sand a bit darker
  • ledge sink in RL room
  • further improved renderperformance
  • add easteregg to top towers
  • center area jumppads reach to RA now
  • minor texture fixes
  • additional clipping
  • removed nailgun because it does too much damage
  • for missionpack kamikaze added (replaces YA in center area)
  • support for domination and double domination gametypes
  • support for missionpack gametypes 1flag, harvester, and overload

  • double domination support
  • domination points moved and reduced to 3
  • Chaingun removed
  • Nailgun replaced by Lightning Gun
  • improved item balancing
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