January 7, 2009

oa_koth2 beta 3

download beta 3 release: http://cosmo.spaceboyz.net/openarena/oa_koth2_b3.pk3 (save target as ...)

Guys at OA forums gave me valuable hints. So here are my changes.
  • candleholder models added. Updated my blender to latest version and discovered that the md3 exporter doesn't work anymore. Had to google for a different one which is not as good as the former exporter. :(
  • BFG floats now and is reachable by rocketjumps and a harder to reach jumppad. I'm aware that there's now a 3rd way to reach the top floor from mid section of the map by a well executed rocketjump.
  • BFG and Quad are now 'disconnected'
  • green bobbing orb on top floor
  • sound added to the orbs
  • fixed 'squishing' respawn point
  • replaced medkit with battlesuit so BFG usage is less dominating
  • fixed problem of bots staying in front of closed door by adding donotenter brushes to the door sides.
  • prevent bots from falling into abyss by adding donotenter brushes
  • cobwebs. unsure to leave them in for final release. maybe a different shader would make them look better. need to discuss this.
  • diamond blue shader problem solved
  • reduced texture usage
  • sky clipping. no more quad-proxy-mine-jumping out of the map. ;)
  • tweaking compilation parameters: darker and moodier in certain spots.
  • double domination gametype dropped
Most time went into mapmodel creation and texture painting. Less time was spend on testing as I state it mostly balanced now.

Give it a try. If I don't get more hints I'm releasing it as final with double domination support.

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