July 11, 2009

ctf_inyard_v3_b2 release

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  • large health items replaced by multiple normal (+25hp) ones
  • better jump pad behaviour
  • domination gametype support
  • double domination support removed (doesn't suit that map)
  • missionpack gametypes support (one flag, harvester)
  • additional spawnpoints
  • added a torch at the now blocked hallways
  • visual polish and other compile options
  • rocketlauncher in the central yard near MH
  • music (sonic1) meta entry in worldspawn
  • alphamod yard ground texture, the evil skull is shown there
  • roof to main platform added, it is becoming a balcony
  • no railgun slugs anymore
  • armor shards added to lower floor
  • additional dom points

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