July 30, 2009

oa_black: Black Magic

First public testing release of oa_black. Need some gameflow tests and item balancing feedback.

This is going to be a small/mid sized tourney/tdm map with Domination gametype support. Don't be scared of by the low visual quality. It took me about 1 hour to create the upper parts and about 1 week to do the lower cave like basement. It is quiet possible to alter the layout in a big way. Spending time on details is not a good idea yet.

This is my playground for upcoming texture creation.

Download: http://cosmo.spaceboyz.net/openarena/oa_black_a1.pk3
Included is next public release of ctf_compromise with hopefully fixed fog density issue and improved lighting.

A testmap server is rotating just these two maps. (/connect spaceboyz.net)
And is running latest oaxB41 including brainworkz bots.

Thanks for testing.

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