July 24, 2009

teleporter model sketches

Update to my OA todolist. Time is short so do not expect a lot to be finished soon.
Two new sketches (concept) for two upcoming teleporter models which hopefully will replace my former one and will look way better.

* replace teleporter model with a better one
* playtesting?
* new flag textures
* check for less camping possibilities

* weapon balancing
* replace teleporter model
* lighting improvements
* rename fog shader due deploying issues
* playtesting!

* weapon balancing seems to be bad. Put chaingun to a different spot?
* better: remove nailgun and replace it with chaingun. :)
* Weapon balancing!
* put GL to the sides
* replace Chaingun with LG
* Remove Nailgun from Domination gametypes
* put Domination Points to different locations

* new asset flag textures
* 1 additional rocket ammo in outer area
* check TDM gameplay
* smoother outer stonewalls

* retexture most of the crappy textures as it was intended originally
* add domination support
* replace teleporter model
* ask for player feedback

* finish cave brushwork
* do rough item placement
* release first gameplay alpha

* put respawn time for Haste to 120s
* remove randomized respawn times of items
* have Invisibility teamed up with Haste so they spawn in turns
* remove two staircases and alter lower rooms to have one additional big room
* put LG in new room
* move shortgun to where the large health powerup is located
* add megahealth to former LG position
* lava should not be a trap/thread anymore and be eyecandy only

* leather skin for beret
* ghost skin for assassin (like Q3A Bones)
* better Team skin for grism/sarge

* model missing powerups and the ones schlorri created new 2D artwork

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