July 3, 2009

long time no see

Due only sporadic progress I was lazy adding my changes and ideas to this blog. Time to list up what has been done. This screenshot shows an experimental state of ctf_compromise. I am working on it at the moment to fix the sky clipping problem allowing players to exit the map and enter it at the enemy base. While on it I thought of improving the overall appearance and playability of it. Still it bothers me a bit not seeing it online at all.

Additional changes went into the other maps. See linked screenshots of ctf_gate1 and oa_koth2. I give a changelog below.

  • ground patch meshes replaced by phong shaded brushes.
  • renderperformance increased slightly but I am not satisfied yet
  • many patchmeshes replaced by brushes
  • nailgun replaces grenadelauncher
  • additional way to every base added
  • fog less dense now
  • foghull removed (bad performance impact)
  • skybox added (see screenshots) but it looks silly
  • fix the sky bug - no clipping at the moment at all
  • weapon balancing
  • replace teleporter model
  • reduce patch meshes or their visibility even further

  • main layout changed, less pillars, less jumpy
  • less obstacles, better reachability, faster
  • additional ways to the sides of each base
  • weapon spawn textures
  • a trap
  • texture improvements
  • brush cleanup
  • clipping bug fixed
  • double domination support
  • weapon balancing seems to be bad. Put chaingun to a different spot?
  • better: remove nailgun and replace it with chaingun. :)

  • music (sonic1) meta entry in worldspawn
  • domination support
  • smoother outer stonewalls
  • alphamod of outer groundtexture not looking like being cut with a knife
  • new flag textures

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